Exploring Style: How to Combine Your Montané Jute Espadrilles

Embracing Comfort and Elegance: Montané Jute Espadrilles

In the vibrant world of fashion, jute espadrilles have become a must-have for those seeking comfort without sacrificing style. At Montané, we take pride in introducing our exclusive line of jute espadrilles, merging craftsmanship and elegance. Discover how you can combine these fashion gems to achieve a unique and authentic style.

Discover authenticity at every step: Montané espadrilles, the choice of the artisan

Craftsmanship Passed Down Through Generations

In the hustle of the modern world, the quest for authenticity has become an increasingly challenging desire to fulfill. With each step we take, we yearn to wear something more than just a simple shoe; we seek a connection with craftsmanship, tradition, and history. Montané espadrilles embody that desire for authenticity, the legacy, and passion of the artisans who crafted them.

Our espadrilles: The best quality at the best price

You just have to take a look around us to see that good weather is the protagonist. A time of year when you always want to feel that feeling of freedom that we have not had during the coldest months.

A sensation that from Montané Shoes we bring you with our new collection of espadrilles. Notice: Montané espadrilles are authentic hand-sewn espadrilles, a unique and original way to be able to enjoy the latest trends and at the same time feel much lighter and more comfortable.

Discover the quality of our espadrilles

The end of winter is coming! We are almost into spring and the temperatures are beginning to rise. So now we need a somewhat cooler footwear. Would you like to wear one of our espadrilles?

Keep in mind that you will not only be able to find them in a large number of models and colors but also in a wide variety of materials. And it is precisely in the latter, in the materials, that we want to emphasize in these lines.

Award to Montané from Cecot

The Spanish group of company’s association Cecot has recognized Montane and its 113 years of activity. This is a special recognition to the associate companies and entities founded more than 100 years ago.

Men Espadrilles

At Montané we have designed a great and versatile men’s collection: napa and suede with a wide color palette, and cotton, from sober tones to colorful patterns.

Espadrilles for Special events

When an event takes place, as a guests we want to feel pretty but also comfortable. Standing on your feet for a few hours and dancing with the wrong shoes could turn the evening into a nightmare.

Bridal Espadrilles

Nowadays the espadrilles are more fashionable than ever: why don’t you wear them on your wedding day?